Young Sounds of AZ Offers Free Community Jazz Night


Phoenix, AZ (March 20): Young Sounds of Arizona has partnered with The Salvation Army to offer a night of vibrant jazz at The Kroc Corps Community Center on Monday April 3rd. The concert is part of Young Sounds’ efforts to reach out to communities where exposure to the arts may be limited.

“We truly hope that families in the community take part in Jazz Night. It is so important for today’s youth to be exposed to live music and the arts. Unfortunately, not all schools have music programs, however, all children deserve the chance to hear, see and experience live music”, says Young Sounds Director, Andrew Gross.

Research shows that listening to and studying music improves memory, boosts confidence and teaches patience and discipline. “It is great for Arizona’s youth to see groups like Young Sounds because we feature students between the ages of 12 and 18 and they serve as an example, among their peers, of what our youth can achieve through hard work and dedication continued Gross.

Young Sounds chose to partner with The Salvation Army Kroc Corps Community Center because they consistently support the arts and are focused on building community. “It was a natural partnership”, stated Gross. Major Gwyn Edward explains, “The Salvation Army has loved all types of music for 150 years and to have a free Jazz event at our Kroc Center is really wonderful. We are grateful for this partnership”.

Both Young Sounds of Arizona and The Kroc Corps Community Center are proud to be offering an event that is free, in a safe environment and welcoming to all ages. This is a great opportunity for families to enjoy an evening out together at no cost. They will be entertained and maybe even inspired!

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Location: Kroc Corps Community Center 1375 E. Broadway Rd. Phx, AZ 85040

Time: 7:00 pm         Admission: FREE

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