Young Sounds of Arizona Announces 2017 Summer Intensive


Young Sounds of Arizona is excited to be launching our first Summer Intensive! The program will begin on Monday June 19th and will run every Monday and Saturday through July 15th. It will be held at the Musician’s Hall Local 586. The program was initiated by Director Andrew Gross while he was looking for a way to give Young Sounds students a more in depth study of jazz, including improvisation and small group work and also to create opportunities for listening to and discussing important and influential music. The goal of the intensive is two-fold: to give students the opportunity to continue their studies focusing only on music, as school and other activities will be on break; and to create a more in-depth study of improvisation and small group work than what can be accomplished during the regular season, which requires that much time is devoted to concert rehearsals. “During time off from school, students are more focused”, stated Gross. This allows us to study jazz at a deeper level. And with the pressure of getting ready for a performance removed, we will be able to hone in on improvisation skills as well.” The intensive is open to all jazz students ages 12 – 18 years of age. For more information call (602) 689-6662 or email:

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