Greetings to everyone!,

Since the last Pitch, we have focused our activities in this portion of the season towards one big recording project.  This project includes contributions from each of the three bands, the 5 0’clock band, the 6 0’clock combo, and the 7 0’clock band.  The recordings will be done in stages at Tempest Recording.  The demands of the project will keep all the students busy for the remainder of the season.  Additionally, some limited in person rehearsals will be happening.  To keep the group sizes small and safe, the rehearsals will be broken down into small sectionals.  Saxes, trumpets, trombones, rhythm section will meet separately so that we can remain within the CDC guidelines as they pertain to building space use and activities. 

No live performances will be held this season but we are looking forward to the next season.  If you know of any young students interested in Young Sounds we will be having auditions starting no later than May.

 Tell them to contact Andrew Gross by


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